We are Learning Mission

The shortest path to global climate engagement is a transformation of the school system

The Learning Mission is an independent grassroots movement and a community for all who believe that we should replace the learning principles of the school system from the 18th century. We dream of a world where children can learn through intuitive exploration based on their own unique cognitive, emotional and physical abilities, and where they are met with guidance and inspiration rather than demands for adaptation.

We are a registered charity based on volunteering and we are open to support and more hands. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to help transform the traditional school system.

Mads Leif

Founder and director
The ability to learn and develop is innate, and society can advantageously facilitate free learning frameworks without standardized goal management for many children and young people.

Signe Vinding

Partnership manager
We need collaboration and safe, playful learning environments to unleash our creative potential and create a sustainable future.

Danna Jørgensen

Psychologist and development consultant
In my work as a psychologist, my most important task is to improve the mental well-being of children and young people.

Denis Rivin

Head of Advisory Board
There will be no Green Transformation without transformation of the school system – if we are to think differently in the future, we must be trained to think differently.

Lennart Briesenick

Member responsible
I want to help future generations be able to live in a meaningful and fulfilling way in a changing world.

Patricia Lykke

SoMe responsible
One cannot judge a sentient, intuitive, and self-learning being by a number. We are all different and our diversity is the key to sustainable lifelong learning.

Frida Gregersen

How do we unfold joy of life and creativity? It takes courage to find new answers and solutions – I see it as inevitable that the school as an organization must move in.

Hannah Klinge

Since we all start as children, I see one place to start the journey towards a better world; let the school become meaningful, educational and developing for every human being in it

Anders Horsholm

School tired from day one, and top grade in seagull watching. We are living in 2020 and it is time to embrace creativity rather than bury it in control


Natalia Dobler

Changing the school system is our most urgent task, and it is our responsibility to support the younger generations in this transition.

Lasse Fair Mortensen

Social Media
The shortest path to a green transition is a new human vision. We need to see ourselves as self-learning beings rather than containers to be filled with information.

Anne Sofie Thygaard

Visionary school teacher
Children are not knowledge machines to be controlled. They must have a voice and we teachers must dare to teach them through trust, inspiration and guidance.

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