We want to make the world
an educational playground

vil gøre verden til
en lærerig legeplads

We are launching our awareness campaign
January 16, 2020.

The transformation of traditional schooling must be accelerated

Learning Mission is a new grassroots movement with roots in Denmark. We dream of a world where children can learn freely through guidance and inspiration. We strive to accelerate the inevitable transformation of the traditional school system. The time has come to replace the outdated learning principles and cultivate creativity, courage and intuition so that future generations become lifelong learners enabled to survive and thrive in today’s world.

Let children be children in safe and inspiring environments

We live in the Age of Information. An incomparable time in history, where information has become accessible to everyone in just a few seconds. We have the foundation as a society to let children learn through intuitive exploration and to allow teachers to be experienced guides. Let’s create inspiring learning environments out of respect for children and their individual driving forces.

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