We want to

The school system


Dedicated idealists who will improve the school system for the benefit of children and society

Learning Mission is a new movement that will accelerate the inevitable transformation of the traditional school system. We ask the important questions, bring together visionary actors and facilitate a respectful dialogue.

There are many wishes for what the primary school should be able to do. We dream of uniting school visions so that students, teachers, researchers and parents start speaking the same language. It will not be easy and it will take some time. But we are ready. The time has come for a historical dialogue about learning and education, which must lead to a system-changing action so that society can embrace and accommodate all children.

We live in a technological world in constant development, and 2/3 of today’s students get a job that simply does not exist today. Therefore, we should have confidence in not knowing the end goal of the individual child’s education.


Traditional schooling is not the only way for a child to acquire knowledge.

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We know that children’s innate qualities are essential in today’s world.

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About us

Dedicated idealists who want to improve the school system.

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Let children be children in a safe and inspiring environments

We know that children’s innate qualities are essential in today’s world. So how is a school in 2020 really going to stick together? In order for us to thrive and create value for ourselves and the world around us, we must maintain a lifelong desire to learn and instead of being disciplined, we must learn to develop self-discipline.

With moderation and understanding of the technological environment and opportunities we have around us, we can learn, everything. and the world will be an educational playground.

We believe in
  • Individual encouragement
  • Student and teacher preferences
  • Schedules designed by student and teacher

We don’t believe in

  • Standardized grades
  • Predefined pensa
  • Predefined schedule

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