Why Learning Mission

I spent 14 years in the school system. Through the years, I suffered from endless unnecessary defeats and I never learned anything about my strengths or myself as a person. I just did not fit in and often wondered why I lacked confidence in my own desires. I tried in vain to get help, but both my teachers and parents asked me, in the best of belief, to continue in school. 

As a teenager, I was weary and tired and every morning my dad had to throw cold water in my head to wake me up. My biological watch was not align with the school’s schedules. Later on, I got a note from my doctor explaining my psychical and mental absence. This gave me some credit among my teachers. I completed high school in spite of warnings, useless grades and a substantial feeling of inadequacy.

After I finished school, I was so lucky to get the support I needed and I developed self-confidence. 

I started my own small company and after five years, I lived a life where I could do exactly what I wanted to do. I learned how to motivate myself and I knew my strengths, weaknesses and sources of energy. In November 2018, I moved to Africa. I was 27 years old, and wanted to write and relax so I could engage in the things I enjoyed. For unknown reasons and in the process of writing I suddenly felt the consequences of what I had experienced during all those years in school. It was such a sorrowful process, and there I was in Africa with the freedom I had dreamt of my entire life. 

I began a process where I read everything I could about traditional learning principles and I quickly discovered that there was something wrong. The principles were and are so contra productive for children in our society of today. Children with all their potentials are trapped in the same mental prisons that I was when I went to school. I could not let go of the thought that there are children with huge potential today trapped in the same mental prison I was previously trapped in. This is why I left my dream life in Africa and went back to Denmark to mobilize a movement that should help transform the school system. Today we are a group of engaged people working hard on this process and we will not stop stop our work before schools embrace diversity and traditional learning principles are replaced.

The use of our curiosity and creativity has a positive effect on our happiness. At the same time, new research shows that our creativity is more important on the labour market than ever before and that it will become even more important in the future. Yet, traditional schooling uses learning principles that contradict children’s innate curiosity, creativity and intuitive drive.

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