How do we give all children the opportunity to develop their full potential?

Let children be children in safe and inspirational settings

It is common knowledge that children’s innate skills are essential in the world of today. Therefor we need to ask ourselves what a school should look like in 2020. In order to thrive and create value for society and ourselves we have to preserve a lifelong desire to learn. Instead of being disciplined, we have to develop the ability to discipline ourselves. With moderation and a deeper understanding of the surrounding technology and its possibilities, we have the opportunity to learn what we want and the world will be an educational playground.

The system is the challenge – not the children

The solution for every child and society’s vital teachers is quite simple. The challenge is the rooted school system of counterproductive learning principles that date back to the 19th century. We have 1,084 primary schools in Denmark with more than 500.000 pupils. In order to create healthy learning environments for upcoming generations we need a massive restructuring of the system and a new social structure.

Our mission is to replace the traditional learning principles with three specific solutions which is based on scientific research and positive examples from other school systems: 

Our three suggested solutions

Standardized measurements
Individual encouragement
Predetermined curriculums
Pupils and teacher’s preferences
Fixed schedules
Schedules made by pupil and teacher

A great investment

If we substitute the old learning principles with the above mentioned, we would create the best investment for our future. It will save society huge expenses used in treating people with stress and related health disorders. It will release people’s creative potential and make Danish citizens more attractive on the international labour market.  

Learning Mission wishes to assist in making Denmark a pioneer for free, intuitive learning.

We are an organisation consisting of Change Agents and our purpose is to replace the old learning principles with new ones. Our goal is to empower children to develop the skills that are necessary in 2020 in order to thrive and to promote a sustainable development. 

What do we need in order to replace the traditional learning principles?

Political change will not happen without the support of the people. That is why we want to create a popular movement for intuitive learning. Most importantly, we will inform the public about the disadvantages of the traditional school system’s learning principles and the benefits of letting children learn through intuitive exploration based on their own unique cognitive, emotional and physical abilities.

Through a campaign on Social Medias starting January 16th 2020 we aim to get support and new members of our grass root movement. We need political support if changes shall take place. When a majority of the Danish population understands that a transformation of the school system adds great value for people and society, we will have the means to enforce a political reaction. 

We know that it is comprehensive to transform the school system and that is why we need your help. Want to help with the learning revolution?


The awareness of the disadvantages of the traditional learning principles is increasing exponentially, and fortunately healthier learning environments with faith in teachers and in children’s intuition already exist and are currently being implemented around the world with positive effects. We wish to accelerate this transformation.

UNICEF has created rights respecting schools that act as certificates for schools that give children influence on their development and educate them in their rights. The UN also has inclusive education for all as part of their Sustainable Development Goals.

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Healthier learning environments are implemented all over the world

The escape from traditional schools is very visible in Denmark, and an increasing number of parents choose homeschooling, private or free schools. Several of these learning environments are inspired by principles from the unschooling philosophy, the Montessori-education system and the Sudbury schools, all of which have greater confidence in teachers and the individual child.

At the same time, new networks of schools without the old learning principles are gaining ground – among these are Agile Learning Centres, which are expanding its learnings environments in several countries.


We are a newly established grass root organisation currently working on developing and fundraising for two projects:

A school hotline. The school hotline is a counselling service for children who experience a lack of comfort and joy in learning. We want to reach out to these children and help them in gaining serenity and self-confidence. We also want to collect current experience in order to find out which specific challenges school children face today. 

An awareness campaign on social media with 100 posts 100 days in a row. We are currently producing 100 different posts in the form of research results, video-podcasts, illustrations, articles, inspirational videos as well as portraits of people and organizations who are a part of the solution. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know.

In addition, we are working on a transformation plan that we hope to present in 2020. It can hopefully help to engage our politicians in the transformation we will sooner or later be dealing with as a society.

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